Gutsy Girls Go for Science: Engineers
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Gutsy Girls Go for Science: Engineers: With Stem Projects for Kids

Illustrated by Hui Li

Have you crossed over a bridge today? Have you ridden an elevator to a top floor? Have you opened up a carton of milk? All of these things Read More

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Includes: Table of Contents | Timeline | Charts | Glossary | Resources | Index
Specs: 7.5x9 size | 4-color interior | 112 pages
Subject: Science
Content Focus: Engineering & Technology


Praise for Technology: Cool Women Who Code from the Girls in Science series

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+: Recommended
Technology: Cool Women Who Code highlights three women that have contributed to technology in STEM and is an excellent book for young girls. The inspirational stories of these successful women in STEM are the perfect introduction to the careers and contributions in technology for young readers . . . This is a much needed book for our time for young readers to be inspired by strong females in the world of STEM, and recommended for both boys and girls.”

National Science Teachers Association Recommends
“Coding is extremely popular with students now as they work to develop games and apps to meet the common social and gaming interests. Written like a magazine with short reading areas followed by “Ask & Answer” essential questions, the book focuses on reading comprehension and reasoning skills while also teaching about technology then and now. . . This book is anything but dull and definitely not ‘textbooky’”.

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Detailed Book Description

Have you crossed over a bridge today? Have you ridden an elevator to a top floor? Have you opened up a carton of milk? All of these things were made possible through engineering!

In Gutsy Girls Go for Science: Engineers with STEM Projects for Kids, readers ages 8 to 11 meet five female engineers who revolutionized the role of women in engineering, including Ellen Swallow Richards, Emily Warren Roebling, Kate Gleason, Lillian Moller Gilbreth, and Mary Jackson. Short sidebars highlight the accomplishments of contemporary female engineers and reveal the ways that women are finding success in engineering today, pointing the way for young people to imagine their place in engineering in the future.

Using a fun narrative style, engaging illustrations combined with photography, fascinating facts, essential questions, links to online resources, and hands-on projects, this book deepens readers’ creative and critical thinking skills.

Engineers is part of a set of four Gutsy Girls Go for Science books that explore career connections for young scientists. The other titles in this series include Paleontologists, Astronauts, and Programmers.

Try these hands-on STEM projects!

  • Create a presentation on processed food
  • Make a model suspension bridge
  • Test organizational psychology
  • Research women working at NASA today



Introduction: Putting It All Together
Scientifically Engineered Foods

Chapter One
Ellen Swallow Richards: The Environment Engineer
Environmental Issues

Chapter Two
Emily Warren Roebling: The Chief Engineer
Spanning the World

Chapter Three
Catherine “Kate” Gleason: The Mechanical Engineer
Getting Into Gears

Chapter Four
Lillian Moller Gilbreth: The Industrial Engineer
The Task at Hand

Chapter Five
Mary Jackson: The Aerospace Engineer
Kite Aerodynamics