Teachers, librarians, homeschoolers, and educators around the world rely on nonfiction books from Nomad Press to engage kids in science, history, biography, language arts, engineering, math, and more.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve published comprehensive books that encourage children ages 5 to 15 to explore fascinating topics such as genetics, robotics, early American history, space, terrorism, physics, race relations, twentieth-century wars, and the earth’s biomes. Our books approach this enormous variety of subjects through hands-on projects, stellar illustrations and photographs, integrated links to online resources, and inquiries that promote critical and creative thinking, generating plenty of opportunities for readers to consider how the knowledge they gain is connected to today’s world.

Our readers are tomorrow’s scientists, leaders, engineers, historians, and innovators. Take a look and find books that make learning fun and foundational!

Hands-on activity books for the scientists of our future!

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Get kids thinking about the past, the future, and today’s world.

Educational resources that make learning fun and foundational!

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