Nomad Press books bring learning to life in a fun, unique way, promoting independent and interactive learning.


Kids are born scientists, so give them the tools they need to succeed!

Biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and more—you’ll find books and projects that challenge, inspire, and entertain your kids for hours!

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Stock up on stellar educational titles for students ages 5 to 15, full of hands-on learning and interactive engagement for every kind of kid!

The world is vast!

Discover the different cultures, histories, and politics around the globe.

Hands-on projects and links to online resources make this reading experience multilayered and enduring.


Want your kids to read more?

Try these nonfiction books written to hook kids into true stories they can’t put down. Whether they love science, history, or biography, we’ve got something for everyone.

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Part of Explore Electricity! With 25 Great Projects

Explore Electricity! introduces readers ages 7-10 to the workings of batteries, simple circuits, conductors and insulators, motors and generators, and magnetism, and the ways we’re working toward more Earth-friendly power.

Part of Explore Makerspace! With 25 Great Projects

Bridges, furniture, musical instruments, games, vehicles—all of these things were invented and improved upon by people who love to put stuff together, take stuff apart, and figure out how things work! In Explore Makerspace! With 25 Great Projects, readers ages 7 to 10 explore what it means to be an engineer.

Part of Kitchen Chemistry Cool Crystals, Rockin’ Reactions, and Magical Mixtures with Hands-On Science Activities

In Kitchen Chemistry: Cool Crystals, Rockin’ Reactions, and Magical Mixtures with Hands-On Science Activities, readers ages 9 to 12 discover that the cooking, mixing, and measuring you do in the kitchen all has its roots deep in science—chemistry to be exact!

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The Water Cycle!
"This would be a great addition to a classroom as well as any collection looking for elementary aged information and projects about the water cycle. The book is easy to follow along and instructions are simple to implement.” FIVE STARS
The Water Cycle!
Rivers and Streams!
Marshes and Swamps!
Oceans and Seas!

Nomad Press Favorites

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Climate Change

Updated edition includes the latest scientific research and problem-solving strategies in climate science! In Climate Change:...

Backyard Biology

This updated edition incorporates new scientific discoveries and a sharper look at the impact human actions...

Weather and Climate!

What ’s it like outside? Is it a day for building a snowman, constructing a sandcastle,...

Rocks and Minerals!

Everyone knows what a rock is, but do you know what a rock is made...

The Science of Weather and Climate

Take a look out your window. What’s the weather like today? Has it changed much...

Rocks and Minerals

Did you know that minerals were necessary for the beginning of life? Or that geothermal...

The Science of Natural Disasters

Have you heard news reports about wildfires in California? Have you ever had a flood...


Why do humans walk on two legs? Why do fish have gills? Life on Earth...


Does the weather fascinate you? Are you curious about where storms get their strength? Do...


Love to work with animals? Become a zoologist! In Zoology: Cool Women Who Work with...

Explore Honey Bees!

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Toast, cereal, juice, and fruit? You can...

Explore Life Cycles!

Explore Life Cycles! takes kids on an amazing journey, where they'll learn about the changes...

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