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Gutsy Girls Go for Science: Paleontologists
Time lines, photographs, and inviting illustrations add kid appeal to the interesting text, which is further broken up by informative sidebars and hands-on projects that simulate paleontological digs and activities.
Gutsy Girls Go for Science: Paleontologists
Fossil Huntress
Skulls and Skeletons!
Explore Fossils!

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Ancient Civilizations: Romans!

What was it like to live in ancient Rome? Are ancient Roman roads still used...

Ancient Civilizations: Greeks!

Who invented democracy? Where were the Olympics first held? Who were some of the first...

Ancient Civilizations: Egyptians!

Did the ancient Egyptians have pets? Why were the kings of ancient Egypt buried in...

Ancient Civilizations: Aztecs, Maya, Incas!

Why were there more than 3,000 steps built at Machu Picchu? Why did the Aztecs...

The Renaissance Thinkers

Who were the scientists and philosophers of the Renaissance? The Renaissance Thinkers: With History Projects for...

The Renaissance Inventors

Why was the Renaissance such an important period of time in Western history? Who were...

The Renaissance Artists

Who were the artists of the Renaissance? Why do we still learn from Renaissance art? The...

The Renaissance Explorers

Who were the Renaissance explorers? How did they change the world? Being a Renaissance explorer was...

The Underground Railroad

In The Underground Railroad: Navigate the Journey from Slavery to Freedom, learn about the tens...

The U.S. Constitution

In The U.S. Constitution: Discover How Democracy Works, children ages 9–12 learn about the foundation...

Comparative Religion

Over 7 billion people live on the earth, and 84 percent of them describe themselves...

Civic Unrest

From the American Revolution to the French Revolution, from the Civil Rights era in the...

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