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World War I sustained these staggering casualties: 9 million dead soldiers, 12 million or more civilian lives lost, millions more wounded. But those numbers only hint at the devastation, both political and personal, that lies at the heart of the Great War.

World War I: The Great War to End All Wars brings to light the key details of this critical juncture in history, which marks the transition to a modern era in which mass destruction became not only a possibility but a reality through military technologies a century in the making. By focusing not only on military life on the battlefields and in the trenches but also on anti-war protest movements, art and popular culture, homefront efforts across the globe, and experiences in British and French colonies, this book offers a sense of how this war penetrated all corners of the world and impacted all of its peoples.

Essential questions guide readers’ investigations while hands-on activities promote critical and creative problem solving, and text-to-world connections highlight the way the past provides context for the present-day world.

Picture Book Science

Let’s take a trip to the grasslands! These are wide open spaces of grasses, grazing animals, and swooping birds.

In Grassland Globetrotting: Biome Explorers, adventurous readers journey to temperate grasslands and tropical savannas. Be on the lookout for bison and prairie dogs, wildebeests and giraffes! Plus, find the hardy plants that survive on the grasslands and learn why fire is an important part of grassland sustainability.

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Grab a swimsuit and a life jacket to study the largest of all of Earth’s biomes—water.

In Aquatic Adventures: Biome Explorers, young scientists embark on a voyage to Earth’s largest biome. Muck around on the Mississippi riverbank, wade into the ocean, and snorkel around a coral reef to discover the huge variety of plants and animals that live in both freshwater and saltwater.

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Let’s explore the world’s tundra!

In Tour the Tundra: Biome Explorers, science adventurers put on their heavy coats to discover the plants and animals that inhabit the Arctic, the Antarctic, and alpine tundra. Plus, learn how human activity threatens this fragile biome and find innovative ways of meeting the challenge of climate change.

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Let’s explore the world’s deserts!

In Destination Desert: Biome Explorers, kid scientists slather on the sunscreen and make the trek to four different types of deserts around the world—a hot and dry desert, a semi-arid desert, a coastal desert, and a cold desert. Meet the plants and animals who have adapted to live in these harsh places!

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Let’s explore the world’s forests!

In Footsteps in the Forests: Biome Explorers, young adventurers take a walk on a rainforest canopy walkway, sit quietly to observe temperate forest wildlife, and bundle up to visit a chilly boreal forest. Discover leafcutter ants, toucans, squirrels, opossums, ferns, mosses, snowshoe hairs, and much more!

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