Weather and Climate!
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Weather and Climate! With 25 Science Projects for Kids

Illustrated by Tom Casteel
Weather and Climate! With 25 Science Projects for Kids gets kids ages 7 to 10 excited about the fascinating world of meteorology! Discover all of the ways what’s going on in the atmosphere above our heads affects us here on the earth, and learn how kids can help solve the problem of climate change and global warming. Science activities, fascinating facts, essential questions, and links to online resources all help promote deep learning.   

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“Have you ever wondered what makes the weather? Why some places are hotter or colder than others and how to weather people predict the weather? You can learn this and more by reading this book and doing the fun projects and experiments. cReaders will learn about the weather and the scientific process. This book could be included in a teacher collection, offered as a source for a science fair project, used as a guide to build a program or unit about weather or offered to the reader who wants to learn more about weather.”

Praise for a previous edition of Weather and Climate! 

“People never stop talking about the weather, and this informative book will show kids why.” 

Children's Literature Review
“These projects will engage readers in the dynamics of the forces of nature.”
“Written in an engaging style with fun illustrations, it will keep the attention of children and adults alike. A little book that is full of information and learning fun, Explore Weather and Climate! is a fun way to introduce children to something we experience every day: the weather.” 

National Science Teachers Association
“This book provides children and teachers with 25 activities related to weather and climate. If your curriculum includes these topics, this 92-page book may be ideal . . . The user-friendly format combined with the low reading vocabulary makes the book easy for students to navigate.” 

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Detailed Book Description

What ’s it like outside? Is it a day for building a snowman, constructing a sandcastle, or planting a garden?  

Weather and Climate! With 25 Science Projects for Kids introduces kids ages 7 to 10 to the fascinating world of meteorology and all of the ways what’s going on in the atmosphere above our heads can affect us here on the earth! Plus, discover how weather and climate change are linked but not the same, and figure out ways to be part of the solution to the problem of global warming.

Explore the weather and climate through 25 hands-on, science-minded projects plus fascinating facts, essential questions, links to online resources, and even jokes help support deeper learning! 

Weather and Climate! With 25 Science Projects for Kids is part of a set of four Explore Earth Science books that explore the earth, the atmosphere, and everything in between. The other titles in this series are Natural Disasters! With 25 Science Projects for Kids, The Water Cycle! With 25 Science Projects for Kids, and Rocks and Minerals! With 25 Science Projects for Kids.

Try these hands-on science projects! 

  • Construct your own Barometer 
  • Build your own anemometer 
  • Conduct a Doppler effect experiment 
  • Make your own 3-D cloud chart 
Available In:
Paperback, $14.95
Hardcover, $19.95
Includes: Table of Contents | Timeline | Charts | Glossary | Resources | Index
Specs: 8x10 size | 96 pages
Subject: Science




Chapter 1: What’s the Weather?

Edible zone map
Weather game
Rain stick
Weather prediction chart
Doppler effect experiment

Chapter 2: Temperature

Sun catchers
Angle of the sun experiment
Seasons experiment
Make a thermometer

Chapter 3: Air Pressure

Air Pressure experiment
Air warming experiment
Make your own Windsock
Make your own Barometer
Make your own anemometer

Chapter 4: Precipitation

Make your own rain gauge
Make your own snowflake
Make your own rain
Make your own rainbow

Chapter 5: Clouds

Make your own 3-D cloud chart
Make edible clouds
Fog in a jar

Chapter 6: Extreme Weather

Lightning part one
Lightning part two
Weather station
Weather safety kit
Tornado in a bottle

Chapter 7: Climate Change

Global warning checklist