Seven Wonders of the World
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Seven Wonders of the World: Discover Amazing Monuments to Civilization with 20 Projects

Illustrated by Farah Rizvi

Over 2,000 years ago, ancient Greek scholars named seven of the most wondrous monuments to civilization, including the Pyramids of Egypt and Statue of Zeus at Olympia. Through Read More

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Includes: Table of Contents | Maps | Glossary | Resources | Index
Specs: 8 x 10 size | black and white interior | 128 pages
Subject: Social Studies
Content Focus: World History


DIG Magazine
“A great read - informative, yet concise. Definitely a book you'll want to revisit to try out every project.”

Children's Literature Review
“In this entertaining and informative book readers are provided an introduction to the ancient wonders of the world, their construction, purposes, and mysteries. Peppered throughout the text are activities designed to allow youngsters the chance to recreate elements of the construction and design processes used to build the great wonders of the ancient world. In addition, readers are given travel tips, personal biographies, and historical information all of which provide a very engaging overview of this interesting subject. Illustrations support the central themes and are of a satisfying and whimsical nature. This is a book that will appeal to youngsters with a sense of curiosity about the efforts of people in the past linked to magnificent construction projects.”

Marla Conn, Educational Consultant
“The illustrations enhance the text and convey a feeling of the time period, while the motivating activities are appropriate for many different grade and age levels. Students will make real-world connections between the past and the present.”

SWON Libraries
“The wonderful resource book is filled with fun and educational information and activities focusing on the Seven Wonders of the World. There is an extensive glossary as well as a nice list of resources for further investigation. Teachers, parents, librarians, and children will enjoy this book for different reasons. Librarians could use the book for a summer camp or teacher resource boxes. Teachers can use the book as a wonderful resource for a variety of units. Parents could use the guide for rainy day activities. The book has endless possibilities.”

Elissa Faro, Ph.D., Classical Art and Archaeology, University of Michigan
“A great introduction to archaeology for creative, engaged kids. With tons of delightful activities, this highly entertaining and informative book will get everyone excited about history, archaeology, and the diverse cultures of the world.”

Ted Lewin, author/illustrator, Lost City: The Discovery of Machu Picchu
“Having visited many of these sites myself, I can say that, besides being filled with fascinating information and details, Seven Wonders of the World evokes the wonder that such things exist at all. As a kid I would have loved doing the projects.”

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Detailed Book Description

Over 2,000 years ago, ancient Greek scholars named seven of the most wondrous monuments to civilization, including the Pyramids of Egypt and Statue of Zeus at Olympia. Through the centuries these treasures were known as the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Because all but the Egyptian pyramids have been lost to the ravages of time, a new list of seven wonders was established in 2007. These monuments, including Machu Picchu in Peru and the Great Wall of China, symbolize the creativity and ingenuity of human civilization.

Seven Wonders of the World introduces kids ages 9-12 to the seven wonders on the original list and the seven wonders on the new list. Learning about these icons of world culture offers opportunities to discover amazing civilizations, technological innovations, and our shared world heritage. Sidebars, fun trivia, and entertaining illustrations break up the text, making it easily accessible and engaging, while hands-on projects encourage active learning.


Chapter 1
Great Pyramid

Chapter 2
Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Chapter 3
Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

Chapter 4
Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Chapter 5
Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

Chapter 6
Colossus of Rhodes

Chapter 7
Pharos of Alexandria

Chapter 8
Ancient City of Petra

Chapter 9

Chapter 10
Chichen Itza

Chapter 11
Ruins of Machu Picchu

Chapter 12
Great Wall of China

Chapter 13
Taj Mahal

Chapter 14
Christ the Redeemer Statue