Explore Forces and Motion!
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Explore Forces and Motion! With 25 Great Projects

Illustrated by Bryan Stone

Kids run around the playground, cars drive on the road, and balls fly through the air-forces move everything! In Explore Forces and Motion! With 25 Great Projects, readers Read More

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Includes: Table of Contents | Timeline | Glossary | Resources | Index | Metric Conversions Chart
Specs: 8 x 10 size | 4-color interior | 96 pages
Subject: Science
Content Focus: Physical Science
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"Looking for ways to introduce, reinforce, and build on abstract physics concepts for young children? The author manages to make physics concepts simple in a light, accessible tone that will keep readers engaged. This very colorful text includes a timeline (not often seen in a book on physics), glossary, resources, essential questions, QR codes, primary source icons, and more. The real strength is the suggested projects that are simple to conduct yet essential in understanding concepts such as force, buoyancy, and magnetism. This would make an excellent addition to a classroom textbook to reinforce and demonstrate concepts. Librarians will love the focus on primary sources and scientific process.”

Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Media Recommended -- Superior in style, liveliness, integrity and format.
“This series, each book subtitled "With 25 Great Projects" is one that merits a place in every library serving children. Each book begins with a timeline, and a solid introduction. "Words to know" are defined throughout the book, and QR codes lead to interesting videos. (If the QR codes don't work the book provides keyword prompts to lead young researchers to the right information.) Science practices are defined, and interesting projects follow that teach important principles. An extensive index, bibliography, and glossary follow. This book focuses on physics, introducing Newton, Einstein, Galileo and more. The basic forces around us are defined, explained, and explored through hands-on projects. Much of the information is on an advanced level, but explained so younger students can understand it. There's interesting information to be found here, and the projects are unique and STEM oriented. Buy the whole series.”

National Science Teachers Association Recommends
“Physics is fun with this colorful and informative book for students ages 7-10. Using the theme of motion, the book encourages readers to push, pull, spin, twist, and turn their way to learning basic concepts of force and motion. There are ample activities and projects throughout the book that provide the reader with ways to explore forces and motion and learn basic concepts while having loads of fun. Students will enjoy the fun graphics in the book. A cartoon turtle and chicken lead students through the reading and activities by providing comedy and demonstrations on how to do the activities in the book. The color and design graphics are bright and capture the interest of the reader. This book would be a great addition to the classroom library or the science curriculum as a textbook.”

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Detailed Book Description

Kids run around the playground, cars drive on the road, and balls fly through the air-forces move everything! In Explore Forces and Motion! With 25 Great Projects, readers ages 7 to 10 explore physics through interactive activities using simple machines such as levers, pulleys, and wedges.

  • Forces and motion are a part of daily life, from how a person moves, to how a ship floats, to how a hockey puck glides across the ice.
  • Readers learn the science behind why things move, how forces work on objects, and the how and why of forces interacting with humans on the earth and in space.



Everything Moves

Chapter 1
Fantastic Forces

Chapter 2
Glorious Gravity

Chapter 3
Laws of Motion

Chapter 4
Mighty Magnetism

Chapter 5
Sink or Float

Chapter 6
Forces at Work

Metric Conversions
Essential Questions