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Cells: Experience Life at its Tiniest

Illustrated by Alexis Cornell

Every living thing, from the common cold to every plant, animal, and person on Earth, is made up of cells. In Cells: Experience Life at Its Tiniest, readers Read More

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Includes: Table of Contents | Timeline | Glossary | Resources | Index | Metric Conversions Chart
Specs: 8 x 10 size | 4-color interior | 128 pages
Subject: Science
Content Focus: Life Science


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Detailed Book Description

Every living thing, from the common cold to every plant, animal, and person on Earth, is made up of cells. In Cells: Experience Life at Its Tiniest, readers ages 12 to 15 investigate these basic building blocks of life and learn how they affect our health, reproduction, criminal investigations, and agriculture!

  • Readers learn the science behind how cell science is being used for food production, cures for disease, and the criminal justice system.
  • Uses an inquiry-based approach to encourage readers to reach their own conclusions and use creative thinking about the future of cell science.



Cells Are Life

Chapter 1
How Do Cells Work?

Chapter 2
Discovering Single-Cell Life

Chapter 3
Growing Plants

Chapter 4
Explore Animal Cells

Chapter 5
The Human Side of Cell Science

Chapter 6
Cells Impact Medicine and Agriculture

Chapter 7
The Future of Cell Science

Metric Conversions