Choose a Word for 2022!

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Another year begins!

These days, many articles about the value of NOT setting resolutions this year are making the rounds. The reasoning goes, maybe now is not the time to strive for great personal change. Life is difficult right now, with the pandemic still looming over our lives and work.  Maybe this is a good opportunity to practice whatever kind of self care works and not worry about losing weight, reading “important” books, drinking more water, or sleep training your teen.

One practice that seems easy to do and full of potential is choosing a word of the year. One word that provides a hint of the kind of theme you might want to explore in the future months. An intention rather than a resolution. A gentle reminder rather than a goal.

Your word might be related to your career. As an educator, librarian, or childcare provider, setting a word for the year could be a way to keep what’s good about your job in front of mind, even on the tough days. Or maybe you choose a word that’s related to your family and the emotional ties you hope to strengthen. Perhaps your word is one that is special for your past. It’s a very personal word, and there are no rules!

A few suggestions on choosing a word:

  • Make a list of the good things that happened last year. Are there any words you use – nouns, verbs, or adjectives – that keep resurfacing in your mind?
  • Do a web search for word of the year and browse websites of other people’s words. Do any strike you as something you’d like to incorporate into your own life?
  • As you do your research and brainstorming, keep an updated list of five words. Notice which one stays in the rotation.
  • Go with your gut!

Here at Nomad, we chose a collective word: LEARN. Because that is the one thread that ties all of our work together – the wish for kids to learn, our own passion for learning, and the need for the world to learn. May the year 2022 bring about a lot of learning!

So, what word did you come up with for 2022?

Check out some fantastic nonfiction that gets kids excited about learning! Hands-on activities go hand-in-hand with engaged reading!

Remember, learning happens everywhere! Thanks for learning with Nomad.

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