Where Shall We Go?

illustrated kids in grasslands biome

What biome will we visit today?

The world is a big place. Huge! And it’s diverse – 8.7 million species call this planet home, and those plants and animals all need different things to survive.

How can Earth accommodate all those different needs? Well, every biome offers up a different environment. Whether you’re a creature who likes it dry, wet, sandy, rocky, foggy, clear, salty, or fresh, there is a place for you!

BUT – we all know climate change is altering environments all around the world. Places that used to be cool and dry and now warmer and wetter. Water that used to be freshwater is now saltier than ever. And the plants and animals that live in these places are having to either adapt – which is pretty tough to do in the short term – or move. And moving isn’t so easy, either.

illustration of children snorkelingIt’s not just climate change that’s threatening the planet’s biomes. Humans play a big role in changing biomes in other ways. For example, pollution. The more garbage we send into our waterways, the worse off everything will be that lives there.

The good news is that humans are part of the natural world, too, and there are lots of ways we can help the planet be healthier. We can keep working on the global move toward renewable energy, which will slow climate change. We can raise awareness about the ways our actions affect different environments. And we can visit natural places, either in real life or through books and videos, to gain even more appreciation for them and for the planet.

So, come with us on an adventure as we dive deep into the ocean, climb to the highest mountain tundras, hike through a conifer forest, and gallop across grasslands!


illustration of kids in tundra

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