What Will School Look Like?

a boy does an engineering project in homeschool

Are you considering a micro school, learning pod, traditional homeschool, or a combination?

There’s no question that parents, caregivers, teachers, and administrators have some of the toughest jobs right now as we all try to figure out what school will be like this fall. But it is inspiring to see the innovative solutions people have come up with to keep kids learning, no matter what.

Some families are forming learning pods. This is when a small cluster of students meets regularly for lessons so the onus of homeschooling doesn’t fall on just one or two caregivers and is instead shared among the adults. Micro schooling is similar in that a small group of students forms a school population with one teacher, much like the one-room schoolhouses of the past. And homeschooling groups around the country are reporting large swells in inquiries from parents who are considering that route.

It’s a strange time. One the one hand, anxiety levels are high, and for good reason. Pandemic, social unrest, economic downturn – yeah, it’s rough. On the other hand, our kids are watching the adults handle tough situations with flexibility, innovation, and, one hopes, kindness and empathy.

We all hope to come out of this stronger and smarter. And the same goes for our children. While no one would wish for this kind of global disaster, let’s do our best to learn from it. Let’s solve the problems, those that stem from the pandemic and those that have been here for a long time. Part of that will be figuring out a way to make school work for everyone, how to make every child heard and seen, how to create a culture of learning that extends beyond the walls of a building.

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