We Love Librarians!


Have I mentioned how much we love librarians? Librarians have been on my mind this week because of the ALA conference. Every day I send out tweets about the Nomad booth at ALA (Booth 1337! Stop by! Great show deals!) and how we love librarians.



I love librarians both as bridges between Nomad Press books and Nomad Press readers, but also because I was a quiet child who lived in a house with a lot of people much older than me. I needed books and I was lucky enough to have librarians who helped me find those books. A Wrinkle in Time, A House With a CLock in Its Walls, Ballet Shoes, The Children of Green Knowe–all books I may have never found were it not for librarians.

And now as a mom, I get to watch librarians introduce my sons to the books they love.

One of my best friends is a children’s librarian and my go-to person if I need a book to interest my sporty middle child or a YA book to indulge myself with over a weekend. I asked her what she loves about her job.

“The kids,” was her immediate response. And then she told a story about a girl who just graduated from high school and showed up at the library the very next day, asking for book recommendations for the summer. “I’ve been recommending books to this girl since she was five!” my friend said. “To have had the privilege of playing that role… it’s an honor.”

My librarian also loves the books. I haven’t met a good librarian who doesn’t! She loves books and loves to see them land in the arms of kids who will love them as well.

Another thing she loves is how being a librarian gives her the chance to be cutting edge. Good librarians are forever on the lookout for good ideas, and not just those ideas concerning books. Librarians understand that resources need to be used with an eye toward the future and they make decisions about services with the next decade in mind. The needs of today will not be the same as those of tomorrow, and librarians are on it.

If you’ve made it to the ALA conference this year, have a blast. Visit our booth, pick up some great deals, and let us know what you think of our books. We trust your opinions, because we love librarians.