Voting Rights and Civil Rights

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Who gets to vote? What seems like a simple question is the subject of much debate around the world.

In the United States, to understand voting laws you must learn about the Civil Rights Era and the struggle many people faced when they went to the polls to cast their vote–if they were allowed to go to the polls at all. When did different groups gain the right to vote? Why did it take some groups so much longer than others? What are some ways people were discouraged from voting, even when it was within their rights?

The right to vote has long been upheld as a crucial part of democracy. With the activities in this free ebook, kids can practice their critical thinking skills as they discover why this is so! Plus, the discussions here are an entryway into the conversations taking place in today’s political arena. Kids are hearing about voting rights on the news, so give them a foundation of knowledge they can use to join the debate.

Download a free ebook that explores the history of the Civil Rights Era and voting rights through activities.

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