Today’s Distance Learning Lesson: Fairground Physics!

Who wants to learn some fun physics?

During these tough times, we want to help families as much as possible as they navigate today’s school reality. We’ll be posting lessons on our What’s Trending blog every week, and we have loads of resources at our Learning Center.

Plus, you can purchase Nomad Press books direct from our website with no delay in shipping. And through April, shipping is on us.

Today’s lesson is all about physics, using the Nomad Press book Fairground Physics: Motion, Momentum, and Magnets with Hands-On Science Activities by Angie Smibert. This book is best suited for kids ages 9 to 12.

First, read a sample chapter.

The Introduction is all about the different elements of physics and where you might find them at a fair or carnival. You’ll find great illustrations and photographs plus engaging stories of how thinkers and scientists discovered the physical laws that rule our world. Plus, an activity!

Then, print out the Classroom Guide.

Fairground Physics Classroom Guide

You'll find lots of Essential Questions for deeper level thinking!

Remember, learning happens everywhere!

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