Today’s Distance Learning Lesson: Explore Poetry!

Remember, learning happens everywhere!

Two cartoon poets reciting Hickory Dickory Dock

It’s National Poetry Month!

All around the country, children and adults are learning about meter, verse, and rhyme as we celebrate National Poetry Month with lessons, activities, and, of course, poetry.

Families can join from home. There are lots of resources out there that make learning poetry at home fun and easy. Check out the National Poetry Foundation’s 30 Ways to Celebrate for activities. You can find poetry activities grouped by age at the Read, Write, Think website.

And as a special offer from Nomad Press, you can download a sample chapter of our book Explore Poetry! With 25 Great Projects. Chapter 4 is all about how poetry sounds and why it sounds that way. Learn about stanzas, line breaks, alliteration, and onomatopoeia!

Click here for your printable sample chapter!

cover for Explore Poetry


Try these Essential Questions for a deeper learning experience!

Poetry has been around for a very long time, maybe even longer than the written word. How is spoken poetry different than written poetry? Why is it important to study both?

Different poets have very different styles and write in different forms. Is there a form you prefer to read? Why? Do you like to write certain forms of poems more than others?

How did the author structure this book? Why? Why is it important to look at the structure of a text to understand its meaning?

Why do you think the author includes short biographies of well-known poets? How do these short biographies help you understand poetry better?

There are many new vocabulary words in this book. Can you figure out the meaning of the words from the context?


During these surreal times, we want to help families as much as possible as they navigate today’s school reality. We’ll be posting lessons on our What’s Trending blog every week, and we have loads of resources at our Learning Center.

Plus, you can purchase Nomad Press books direct from our website with no delay in shipping. And through April, shipping is on us.

Happy National Poetry Month!





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