Today’s Distance Learning Lesson: Biology!

Nomad Books are uniquely designed to enable distance learning.

During these tough times, we want to help families as much as possible as they navigate today’s school reality. We’ll be posting lessons on our What’s Trending blog every week, and we have loads of free resources at our Learning Center.

Plus, you can purchase Nomad Press books direct at our website with no delay in shipping. And through April, shipping is on us.

Today’s lesson is on life science, using the Nomad Press book BACKYARD BIOLOGY by Donna Latham! This book is best suited for late elementary schoolers and middle schoolers.

Read this excerpt from Backyard Biology!

book cover image for Backyard Biology


Find Essential Questions in our Classroom Guide.

Backyard Biology Classroom Guide

These guides are designed to promote deeper understanding of the material and to get kids thinking beyond what they’ve learned from the book. Plus, every Classroom Guide includes another activity and a link to an online resource.

Together, we will get through this challenging time! We might just learn something along the way. Because, as we’re all finding out: Learning Happens Everywhere.


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