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Showing Up For Earth!

Showing Up For Earth

Every April, the world celebrates Earth Day with activities, concerts, tree-planting parties, clean-up events, and many different kinds of programs meant to engage people with the important work of the care and keeping of our planet.

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We all know the feeling. A child or teenager asks a tough question, and not tough as in math tough—tough as in emotionally tough. And they’re looking up at you with questioning eyes and expecting an answer. Whether this happens in a classroom, library, or at the kitchen table, it’s a crucial moment that could make a huge difference in the life of a kid. Get some tips and hints on how to talk to kids about tough topics.

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Winter Science: A Guide for Home and Classroom

We’ve got a slew of STEAM activities and science ideas that are easy to do at home and can serve as the perfect bridge between restlessness and learning during the winter months.

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Social Justice for Kids

The year 2018 has been a lesson in the power of young people to confront a social issue head-on and make their voices heard. We’ve seen walk-outs, demonstrations, marches, interviews, calls for action—teenagers are proving themselves a force to be reckoned with, and it’s an impressive sight, whether or not you agree with their politics.

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Stem Education Whats Trending book cover

Here at Nomad, STEM is often on our collective mind. Most of our books carry a STEM or STEAM designation on the back cover. For us, this means our books teach and encourage creative and critical thinking and problem solving.

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