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Want a Nomad author to visit your school? Invite a Classroom Nomad!

Authors and illustrators are eager to visit classrooms and libraries to connect with kids! 


What are the benefits to hosting an author at your school?

  • Watch students get excited about books, social studies, and science.
  • Children learn about an appealing profession.
  • Authors describe their research and writing process in a way that’s fun.
  • Kids learn about real-world learning, answering that age-old question, “When are we ever going to use the stuff we learn in school?”
  • Provides a break in the normal routine.
  • A chance to do some hands-on learning.

What’s included in many Nomad author visits*:

  • Copies of Nomad News for every student
  • Bookmarks
  • A Classroom Guide for the author’s books (essential questions, Common Core State Standards)
  • Activity handouts
  • Opportunity to order books at a discount

Many authors are willing to do Skype sessions as well!

Contact authors and illustrators directly through their websites. You can find that information on our Authors & Illustrators page, or email and we will put you in touch with the author of your choice.

Can’t wait to see you in your classroom!


*Programs vary by individual

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