Supply Chain Woes

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You might have heard there are issues with something called the supply chain.

The supply chain is how products are assembled in factories, put it boxes, stacked in boats, trains, trucks, and eventually arrive at our doorstep. We rely on the supply chain for just about everything that we can’t grow in our own gardens – for those of us who even have gardens. And when one part of that supply chain isn’t working well, the whole system has trouble.

Right now, there are several parts of the supply chain that aren’t working well. You might have noticed that your local grocery store doesn’t have as many items on the shelves. Are you still waiting for delivery of those new shoes you ordered two weeks ago?

Have you tried ordering books or buying them from a store lately? You might find delays and empty shelves there, too.

From a shortage of paper to a shortage of labor to a shortage of truck drivers to a traffic jam at different ports around the world, getting the books you want is not as easy as it used to be. And Nomad is not unscathed by these shortages. People at our warehouse are working really, really hard to get books out to customers, but our books are still taking longer on their journey than usual.

And, as we all know, the holidays are right around the corner. Holiday shopping is likely to take on a whole new level of intensity as people discover the gifts they chose are not going to make it to their homes in time.

Interestingly, there isn’t actually a shortage of items. They just aren’t where we expect them to be, and it’s taking them a lot longer to get them where we want them.

What can we do? Plan ahead, be patient, and understand that the workers who are charged with keeping the supply chain moving are doing the best they can.

Want to learn more about the path of goods around the world? Check out our book on globalization and discover why we’re interconnected!

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