Summer Learning, the Fun Way

kids holding a homemade rocketship

Summer vacation might be a little different this year.

But we’re used to different, right? After all, this has been a school year like no other! And around the world, kids, teachers, school administration, and families are all ready for a break.

And some families are ready to incorporate more learning into their summer than usual.

Why? Because academic progress really took a hit this year. Along with students’ mental health.

Many school-aged children had a tough time balancing classwork, homework, and elevated stress levels, the pain of missing social milestones like field trips, dances, sports, and everything else that helps kids be happy and well-rounded.

Now, with schools getting out and schedules relaxing a bit, many families are taking this as a chance to do some catchup. And that means keeping learning a part of everyday life.

We’re not saying that kids need to buckle down and do worksheets all summer. Far from it! What kids really need is to dive into some experiential learning that excites them. Hands-on projects and activities that challenge kids to use critical and creative thinking is the kind of learning kids love. And, it’s the kind of learning that sticks.

The last thing kids—and everyone else—needs now is pressure. We’re all figuring out what we want our lives to look like going forward, kids included. Which makes this the perfect time to rethink learning and make it a natural part of every day instead of something relegated to desks and computers. Learning happens everywhere—that’s the lesson of the year. And it’s a lesson worth remembering.

We want to help with summer learning. Download a free ebook with hands-on activities that are fun and foundational!

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