Spring in Sight


You know what I’ve got on my bookshelf? Not books! (At least, no books on THIS bookshelf…)


Here in chilly northern New England, many of us have gotten a jump start on the growing season by planting seeds indoors, setting the seed trays on warming mats, and directing artificial light down at the dirt.

Like magic, the seeds respond!

They sprout and grow and we get to imagine a time when the snow is completely gone and these little guys are ready to be planted in dirt—outside!

It’s been a long winter, and it seems like we’ve gotten more than our fair share of snow in the last month or so. Other regions around the country have it worse, though. Here, it’s more an inconvenience, and it keeps us hardy like perennials.

And without a cold winter, we wouldn’t appreciate the warmth we know is coming.

Sometimes, teaching children is similar to lasting through a winter. There are a lot of hard moments when it seems like a class is losing as much knowledge and skills as they’re gaining. When it feels like all the words of wisdom you’re imparting are falling like snowflakes on a warm driveway. When you wonder if real learning will ever happen.

But then spring comes. You spot the flash of deep understanding on a child’s face. You know your words hit their mark and that child’s world is a little bit bigger.

Best feeling in the world. Even better than the first day that’s warm enough to go without a coat.

Planting seeds in dirt, planting the tools for learning in young minds—it’s all an act of hope.

Get ready for warm weather activities! Try this one from BACKYARD BIOLOGY!

book cover image for Backyard Biology

Remember, learning happens everywhere! Thanks for learning with Nomad.

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