Skipping Stones Honor Awards!

We are thrilled to win two Skipping Stone Honors Awards!

Please join us in congratulating Judy Dodge Cummings and Micah Rauch for Reconstruction: The Rebuilding of the United States after the Civil War! Read what School Library Connection had to say about this important history book:

“Readable, thought-provoking, and featuring an extensive glossary of terms, this title would be a worthy addition to library shelves, to classrooms where students are encouraged to delve more deeply into content, and to institutions where History Day on a state and/or national level is emphasized. An excellent volume.”

And we also want to celebrate Diane C. Taylor for her book Singing for Equality: Musicians of the Civil Rights Era! Here’s what Children’s Literature said in a review:

“The writing is breezy and conversational and encourage active participation through research activities, QR codes linking to YouTube videos, and ‘Wonder Why’ questions that allow readers to make connections to their own lives and experiences.”

Read more about Skipping Stones and their dedication to promoting excellent books for children!

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Remember, learning happens everywhere! Thanks for learning with Nomad.

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