Seven YouTube Videos That Make Science Fun!


Kids practice science every day, whether they mean to or not. Are your students obsessed with paper airplanes? They’re learning about aerodynamics. Do they mix together their juice and milk at the lunch table? Chemistry time! They may not be writing out the steps of the scientific method and they probably aren’t recording their data, but the impulse to ask “What happens if I do this?” is what science is all about.


In this season of science fairs, that can be easy to forget. We all get caught up in filling out scientific worksheets and decorating trifold displays to the best of our abilities. Kids get distracted by the first, second and third place ribbons. Curiosity, inspiration, and wonder sometimes get lost in the dust.

But there are people out there who make science a daily part of their lives all year long. And, lucky for us, they make videos about their passion for science!

Kids love watching YouTube videos, so give them something to watch that will stretch their brains and blow their minds! Encourage your students to check out these YouTube channels with a science or math focus. Maybe they’ll even get some ideas for their science fair project!