Renewable Energy for the Win!

Here in northern New England, there’s lots of evidence of spring. Leaf buds, yellow forsythia trees, brave daffodils! It’s getting green, even though just a couple weeks ago, we had snow.

As my local weather is getting warmer, the global climate is heating up, too—but not in a welcome way. A survey by The Guardian found that hundreds of the world’s climate scientists believe global heating is going to soon soar past the international target goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

That means life is going to continue to change for many people, whether they’ll need to find water, adjust how they farm, or deal with more frequent natural disasters such as storms and floods. We aren’t as prepared as we should be for this kind of future.

It can feel a bit helpless, can’t it? The good news is, this level of climate crisis is still avoidable! The more we educate ourselves and the next generations of leaders, the better off we’ll be.

Which brings me to my point—we’re having a giveaway for our most recent book, RENEWABLE ENERGY: POWER THE WORLD WITH SUSTAINABLE FUEL!

This is a must-have for middle grade classrooms and libraries and homeschools and anywhere kids are reading. Fun nonfiction paired with colorful graphic novel style illustrations and photographs, plus links to online resources make for great learning.

Happy spring!


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