Make Your Own Victory Banner

Make Your Own Victory Banner

During World War II, families made patriotic banners called victory banners or sons-in-service flags to show their support for their sons, fathers, and brothers battling far away on the front lines. Banners were hung from a window or door at the front of the house where everyone could see them. The banners were white rectangles with a red border, and featured a blue star for every family member who was serving on the battlefront. If a soldier was killed, families...
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Make Your Own Gordian Knot

Make Your Own Gordian Knot

From The Silk Road

One legend says Alexander conquered Asia by solving the puzzle of the Gordian Knot. According to a prophecy, whoever untied this endless knot would rule the continent. Alexander took the direct approach—he cut the knot open with his sword. Today, a “Gordian knot” means an unsolvable problem. No one knows exactly what the Gordian Knot looked like. But you can make a knot called a Turk’s Head appear “endless” by joining the ends after it’s...

Make a Culture Collage

Make a Culture Collage

From The Renaissance Thinkers

We use the term Renaissance to define the years in Europe from the 1300s through the 1600s. Is there one word or phrase that defines the era we live in right now? Let’s make a Culture Collage and see if we can find one.

Try Styrofoam Printing

Try Styrofoam Printing

From The Renaissance Inventors

Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press during the Renaissance. Before this invention, books were made by hand. The text was copied word by word. The printing press made the creation and distribution of books much easier, so more people could have access to books and read them. In this activity, you’ll try your own method of printing.

The Human Body in Art

The Human Body in Art

From The Renaissance Artists

Leonardo was one of several Renaissance artists who dissected human corpses. Why did they do that? To better understand the form and function of the human body, which they believed was created in the image of God. To them, the human body—inside and out—was a work of wonder.



Kiki Magazine
“. . . Brings history to life, giving you a glimpse of what it was like to live during WWII through projects and stories about real people.”

Children's Literature Review
“In straightforward, highly readable prose, it provides a thorough overview of the events . . .”

School Library Media Activities Monthly
“an excellent resource . . .”

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
“You get a feel for what it would have been like during the war . . . this is a great source.”

“Includes great hands-on activities . . . is full of information about World War II from the front lines to the home front.”

Paula Spencer, Woman's Day Magazine's "Momfidence!" columnist and Parenting Magazine contributing editor
“Makes history come alive right at your kitchen table or at your child's desk! A Particular treat for young history buffs, homeschoolers, or teachers looking for a WWII resource full of innovative, hands-on ideas.”

Richard Koone, National Museum of the Pacific War, Fredericksburg, Texas
“A wonderful book that young people can learn from and have fun at the same time. The hands-on projects will stimulate their imaginations and add to their understanding of the sacrifices and inventiveness of that generation. It will make a valuable addition to any educator's toolkit.”

Jay P. Tennies, Director, Eldred World War II Museum and Learning Center
“An interactive approach to history that children (and adults) will enjoy. The service, sacrifice, and struggles of World War II are explained and explored with each creative project. This book provides a wonderful way to ‘do' history together.”


Detailed Book Description

From spy maps and victory banners to spotter planes and ration cakes, Great World War II Projects You Can Build Yourself brings one of the most defining periods of American and world history to life through hands-on building projects and activities. Detailed step-by-step instructions for creating each project combine with historical facts and anecdotes, biographies, and trivia about the real-life models. Together they give kids a first-hand look at daily life at home and on the front lines during America's war years.

Available In:
Paperback, $15.95
Includes: Table of Contents | Timeline | Maps | Glossary | Resources | Index
Specs: 8 x 10 size | black and white interior | 128 pages
Subject: Social Studies
Content Focus: U.S. History | World History



Part 1: On the Home front
Living in Fear
Supporting the Troops
Food Rationing
WWII Fashions
War-Time Fun
Prisons of Discrimination

Part 2: On the Front lines
Spying for Secrets
Prisons of Hate
Code Breakers & Talkers
Lifting Morale
Proving Their Value
Women in the Danger Zone
Ingenious War Technology