Write a Letter in Greek

Write a Letter in Greek

Using the chart, write a letter to a friend. Because the symbols are so different from the letters of the English alphabet, it’s almost like writing in code. In some cases the sound of a word is more important than its English spelling. For instance, you’ll notice that the Greek alphabet doesn’t have an F. So if you want to write the word fantastic, you’ll need to use Φ to begin the word.
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Make A Roman Coin

Make A Roman Coin

From Ancient Civilizations: Romans!

Coins were introduced to ancient Rome around 270 BCE. Before then, Romans traded goods for other goods. Roman coins were made of gold, silver, or bronze and often had the face of the emperor on one side.

Black-Figure Vase

Black-Figure Vase

From Ancient Civilizations: Greeks!

We know a lot about ancient Greece by studying their vases, which illustrated everyday life. Want to tell future archaeologists about your life? Make your own Greek-style vase.

Collar Necklace

Collar Necklace

From Ancient Civilizations: Egyptians!

A fancy, ancient Egyptian collar necklace is called a wesekh. They were originally amulets used to help protect people in the afterlife.

Design a Cup

Design a Cup

From Ancient Civilizations: Aztecs, Maya, Incas!

Become an ancient Aztec or Maya artisan in this activity.



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Tools of the Ancient Greeks: A Kid’s Guide to the History and Science of Life in Ancient Greece explores the scientific discoveries, athletic innovations, engineering marvels, and innovative ideas created more than two thousand years ago. Through biographical sidebars, interesting facts, fascinating anecdotes, and fifteen hands-on activities, readers will learn how Greek innovations and ideas have shaped world history and our own world view.

In Tools of the Ancient Greeks, kids will meet the philosophers who helped shape our world, learn interesting facts and trivia about ancient Greece and build fifteen hands-on projects that help show kids how these people still influence us today.

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Paperback, $16.95
Includes: Table of Contents | Maps | Glossary | Resources | Index
Specs: 8x10 size | black and white interior | 128 pages
Subject: Social Studies
Content Focus: Ancient Civilizations



Chapter 1
Ancient Greece and the Beginnings of Democracy

Chapter 2
Farming, Trade, and the Greek Way of Life

Chapter 3
The Arts of the Ancient Greeks

Chapter 4
Greek Gods

Chapter 5
Sports and the Olympics

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
Science, Math, and Medicine

Chapter 9
Mapping the World and the Stars

Chapter 10