Archimedes Screw

Archimedes Screw

Greek scientist Archimedes (288–212 BCE) invented a device to move water from a river to a farmer’s field. This device—called the Archimedes’ screw—is a tube with a large spiral inside. When you place the tube in water and turn it, the spiral pushes the water up. Try it!
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Wind Can Do Work

Wind Can Do Work

From Renewable Energy

Use your engineering skills to design a windmill, then test how powerful the wind can be!

Investigate Weather

Investigate Weather

From Climate Change

How is weather different from climate? Weather can be described as day-to-day conditions. From a bright, sunny day to a snowy day, weather can change quickly. Climate, on the other hand, is made up of long-term weather patterns across many years. Let’s explore some of the characteristics of weather.

Edible Climate Zone Map

Edible Climate Zone Map

From Weather and Climate!

The world has many different types of climates. The United States has several different climate zones as well. With this edible map, you can tell your family about summer climates—after you chew!

Lava Gas!

Lava Gas!

From Rocks and Minerals!

Lava has gas trapped in it. How does it compare to the gas in soda that some people drink?


“Follow along in this great non-fiction book for kids that teaches them about Earth Science and how they can create their own Science projects. The book starts with information about the Water Cycle and the different types of weather related to water. For instance, the topics include, snow, groundwater, clouds, oceans , rivers and glaciers. It also touches on water vapor as well as condensation and evaporation. At the end of each section highlighted there is a project page where kids can create their own science project based on the topic discussed. The projects are easy and use every day items at home. There is a glossary in the back as well as metric conversions, books, websites and museum and science centers, and a question section as well as an index. This would be a great addition to a classroom as well as any collection looking for elementary aged information and projects about the water cycle. The book is easy to follow along and instructions are simple to implement.” FIVE STARS

School Library Journal Online
“. . .An easy-to-read and understand introduction to water with activities. An additional resource where experiment or project books are needed.”

Praise for previous edition of Water! By Anita Yasuda
Green Teacher Magazine 
“The best thing about Anita Yasuda’s Explore Water! are the hands-on ideas for teachers and students.” 

Skipping Stones 
“Hands-on activities, fun facts, engaging illustrations and silly water jokes create an informative and entertaining book on the importance and value of water. Reluctant readers will find themselves eagerly turning the pages to learn more about water and science.” 

School Library Journal
“It’s impossible to read this book and not turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Children will come away with obscure facts and broad understandings about this vital resource.” 

National Science Teachers Association Recommends 
“Young scientists will enjoy this illustrated lab manual dealing with water. The 25 projects cover many aspects of water study, from historical Rome to making music with water-filled bowls. The book is illustrated by Bryan Stone, whose whimsical artwork will entice young readers.” 

Detailed Book Description

Drip—Drop—Splash! Water is essential to all forms of life. So let’s learn all about it!

The Water Cycle! With 25 Science Projects for Kids captures kids’ imaginations with a deep look at the world of water. Combining hands-on activities with history and science, The Water Cycle invites kids to have fun learning about the water cycle, water resources, drinking water and sanitation, water pollution and conservation, water use, water folklore and festivals, and the latest in water technology. Entertaining cartoon illustrations and photographs, along with fascinating sidebars, essential questions, links to online resources, and more illuminate the topic and bring it to life.

The Water Cycle! With 25 Science Projects for Kids is part of a set of four Explore Earth Science books that explore the earth, the atmosphere, and everything in between. The other titles in this series are Weather and Climate! With 25 Science Projects for Kids, Natural Disasters! With 25 Science Projects for Kids, and Rocks and Minerals! With 25 Science Projects for Kids.

Try these hands-on science projects!

  • Conduct a salt water experiment
  • Perform a transpiration experiment
  • Design a rain harvester
  • Build a mini xeriscape
Available In:
Paperback, $14.95
Hardcover, $19.95
Includes: Table of Contents | Timeline | Glossary | Resources | Index
Specs: 8x10 size | 96 pages
Subject: Science



Introduction: Explore Water 

Water forms
Salt water experiment
Glacier on the move 

Chapter 1: W Is For Water 

Change your state
Who is faster?
Capillary action 

Chapter 2: Water Cycle 

Bell jar terrarium
Transpiration experiment
Water cycle wrist bands 

Chapter 3: Water And Weather 

Meteorologist journal
Hair hydrometer
Snowflake slides

Chapter 4: Water Works 

Archimedes screw
Make a shaduf
Mini water wheel 

Chapter 5: Pollution Decoder 

Water in Rome
Oil Spill experiment
Watershed journey 

Chapter 6: Water Wise 

Off I go
Rain harvester
Mini xeriscape 

Chapter 7: Water Inspired 

Be a mimic
Waterfall sculpture
Water symphony