Lava Gas!

Lava Gas!

Lava has gas trapped in it. How does it compare to the gas in soda that some people drink?
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Wind Can Do Work

Wind Can Do Work

From Renewable Energy

Use your engineering skills to design a windmill, then test how powerful the wind can be!

Investigate Weather

Investigate Weather

From Climate Change

How is weather different from climate? Weather can be described as day-to-day conditions. From a bright, sunny day to a snowy day, weather can change quickly. Climate, on the other hand, is made up of long-term weather patterns across many years. Let’s explore some of the characteristics of weather.

Edible Climate Zone Map

Edible Climate Zone Map

From Weather and Climate!

The world has many different types of climates. The United States has several different climate zones as well. With this edible map, you can tell your family about summer climates—after you chew!

Archimedes Screw

Archimedes Screw

From The Water Cycle!

Greek scientist Archimedes (288–212 BCE) invented a device to move water from a river to a farmer’s field. This device—called the Archimedes’ screw—is a tube with a large spiral inside. When you place the tube in water and turn it, the spiral pushes the water up. Try it!


Part of the Explore Earth Science this book focuses on rocks and minerals and includes twenty-five science experiments to try. Geared for elementary aged readers Rocks and Minerals! is written clearly with several explanations comparing to something familiar. . . . My son and I made stalactites with Epson salts using directions from one of the projects it worked wonderfully. He was so delighted he shared with his teacher and she wants photos! Strong recommendation for any type of library and would work well for homeschooling families. (4.5 stars) Read the complete review online. 

Praise for previous edition of Rocks and Minerals! By Cynthia Light Brown

“. . . The suggested activities are well chosen, carefully explained, and require easily accessible household items. Appended with the usual back matter, this is makes a good choice for classroom science units.”

Children's Literature Review
“This green book that tells all you wanted to know and more about various forms of rocks and minerals. Embedded into the book are projects, experiments and activities that could easily be conducted at home for a small expense in collecting the materials and in some cases the results are yummy snacks . . . Earth science teachers would find a lot of use for this handbook in a classroom setting. The text is engaging and the print is easy on the eyes.”

Old Schoolhouse Magazine
“. . . This book has such a thorough offering of simple activities that children will enjoy and wonderful comparisons and explanations that I am excited to use and have this book in my homeschool. I highly recommend it.”

Detailed Book Description

Everyone knows what a rock is, but do you know what a rock is made of? And how it was made? And what it’s good for?

Rocks and Minerals! With 25 Science Projects for Kids invites kids ages 7 to 10 on a tour of the fascinating world of the geological forces that create and transform rocks, including the life cycle of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks and what they can tell us about the earth. Rocks and Minerals! also explores fossils, and how they come to exist and are discovered. Entertaining cartoon illustrations and photographs, along with fascinating sidebars, essential questions, links to online resources, and more illuminate the topic and bring it to life.

Rocks and Minerals! With 25 Science Projects for Kids is part of a set of four Explore Earth Science books that explore the earth, the atmosphere, and everything in between. The other titles in this series are Weather and Climate! With 25 Science Projects for Kids, Natural Disasters! With 25 Science Projects for Kids, and The Water Cycle! With 25 Science Projects for Kids.

Try these hands-on science projects!

  • Make yummy sed-sandwiches
  • Construct your own stalactites
  • Grow needle-like mineral crystals
  • Model a salt crystal
Available In:
Paperback, $14.95
Hardcover, $19.95
Includes: Table of Contents | Timeline | Glossary | Resources | Index
Specs: 8x10 size | 96 pages
Subject: Science



Introduction: Rocks are Everywhere

Chapter 1: The Earth

Make your own Earth

Chapter 2: Minerals and Crystals

Grow needle-like mineral crystals
Model a salt crystal
What makes a diamond blue?

Chapter 3: Igneous Rocks

Make your own basalt columns
Make meringue “pumice” cookies
Make igneous rocks

Chapter 4: Sedimentary Rocks

Yummy sed-sandwiches
Make your own stalactites
Make sedimentary rock
Make your own evapoprite

Chapter 5: Metamorphic Rocks

Fold rocks
Play Ig, Sed, Meta
Bake Magic Metamorphic Bars

Chapter 6: Fossils

Make a fossil
Take a walk through time

Chapter 7: Become a Rockhound

Make your own rock display