Explore Friction on a Ramp

Explore Friction on a Ramp

One part of physics that affects everything you do is friction! Friction is a force that occurs when two surfaces rub against each other. Smoother surfaces generate less friction, while rough or bumpy surfaces generate more friction. Check it out!
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Build a Craft Stick Catapult

Build a Craft Stick Catapult

From Engines!

Ancient armies used catapults in battle. But the catapult has been used as recently as World War I. In that war, soldiers used catapults to toss hand grenades at the enemy. Today, catapults are used to launch planes off the decks of huge ships called aircraft carriers. Because the runway is short on an aircraft carrier, the catapult helps get the plane into the air quickly. Try making your own!



From Fairground Physics

Most older roller coasters are pulled up that first hill. However, some newer coasters have pneumatic launch systems. That means a shot of compressed air launches the coaster up the hill. We’re going to build a simple version of that with a straw that you blow through.

Design a Space Robot

Design a Space Robot

From Robotics!

Think of what planet you would like to explore and design a robot based on the planet you chose.

Point A Masterpiece

Point A Masterpiece

From Explore Atoms and Molecules!

Does pointillism really work? Create your own pointy artwork to find out.



Praise for Chemistry by Carla Mooney

National Science Teachers Association
Chemistry is a short but sweet book that packs a powerful punch of learning about matter on every page. . . . What was really magical about the book is the interconnection from one topic to another! Chemistry is a very readable, motivating, and highly interactive resource designed to promote a love of learning about the world of matter for any middle school student.”

Detailed Book Description

Why are you able to jump higher from a trampoline than from the ground? What forces are at work when you do an ollie on a skateboard?

The answer is: physics! In The Physics of Fun, kids ages 12 to 15 explore the science behind awesome activities that kids love. From Newton’s laws of motion to the behavior of electrons, the science of physics is an integral part of any amusement park, play center, video arcade, or home gaming center.

Links to online media, discussion questions, and career connections offer middle schoolers the chance to do some real, hands-on science around fun activities they already enjoy!

Try these STEM activities!

  • Use a skateboard to demonstrate inertia
  • Investigate the transfer and conservation of energy on a trampoline
  • Build a guitar to explore sound waves
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Includes: Table of Contents | Timeline | Glossary | Resources | Index | Metric Conversions Chart
Specs: 8x10 size | 4-color | 128 pages
Subject: Science
Content Focus: Physical Science | Physics



The World Runs on Science

Chapter 1
Forces of Skateboarding

Chapter 2
Motion and Energy of Snowboarding

Chapter 3
Spring of a Trampoline

Chapter 4
Form a Band: Waves of Sound and Light

Chapter 5
Video Game Sparks: Electricity

Metric Conversions
Essential Questions