Build the Best Swimmer

Build the Best Swimmer

Discover how the connection between swimming and gravity!
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Magnetic Field Viewer

Magnetic Field Viewer

From Electricity

You can see magnetic fields in action with this easy-to-make viewer.

Explore Friction on a Ramp

Explore Friction on a Ramp

From The Physics of Fun

One part of physics that affects everything you do is friction! Friction is a force that occurs when two surfaces rub against each other. Smoother surfaces generate less friction, while rough or bumpy surfaces generate more friction. Check it out!



From Fairground Physics

Most older roller coasters are pulled up that first hill. However, some newer coasters have pneumatic launch systems. That means a shot of compressed air launches the coaster up the hill. We’re going to build a simple version of that with a straw that you blow through.

Point A Masterpiece

Point A Masterpiece

From Explore Atoms and Molecules!

Does pointillism really work? Create your own pointy artwork to find out.



Children’s Literature
“…this is definitely not a dry textbook that will go over students’ heads! Authentic examples from real life are heavily used throughout, adding to the book’s relatability. Each chapter includes additional information such as vocabulary words, and extra fact boxes with scannable QR codes leading to web content. Visually, there are also plenty of photographs, and occasional short comic panels that break up the content and provide some humor. This book would be an ideal supplement to any science classroom in order to help catch and keep students’ interest.”

Always in the Middle
"This new title from Nomad Press will not have any effect on our gravity, but the engaging format is sure to raise one’s fascination with this natural phenomenon we take for granted. Geared toward middle graders, GRAVITY, is a perfect choice for a unit of science whether it be in the classroom or at home. Highly recommended!"

Praise for Explore Predators and Prey! With 25 Great Projects

National Science Teachers Association Recommends
"Explore Predators and Prey! With 25 Great Projects provides a unique combination of solid, engaging, accurate text and hands-on experiences . . .  As a teacher myself, it presents itself as nearly a complete unit plan! I can imagine building a unit based on this book and the resources it provides . . . I would definitely recommend this book, and will be seeking out others in this series!"

Praise for Explore the Ice Age! With 25 Great Projects

“This appealing series title explores the most recent Ice Age, beginning with where the ice came from and continuing to the end of the Ice Age. . . Particularly fun are the factual errors revealed in the movie Ice Age. Included are a time line, glossary, resources, essential questions, and examples of Ice Age sites around the U.S. Great for browsing, but even better for STEM programming in classroom, library, and after-school settings.”

Praise for Skulls and Skeletons! With 25 Great Projects

School Library Connections
“This title provides students with lots of data about how our bodies work and how bones are essential for protecting our organs, making blood, and keeping ourselves heathy. End pages include a list of museums to visit, essential questions on the topics covered, and a QR code glossary. Recommended.”

Detailed Book Description

What’s up? What’s down? What’s keeping you steady?

In Gravity: Mass, Energy, and the Force that Holds Things Together with Hands-On Science Activities scientists ages 8 to 12 explore the invisible but powerful force that is responsible for keeping the entire universe in place—including you! Gravity is the natural phenomenon that makes everything in the universe attracted to everything else. On Earth, that means gravity is why we fall down toward the ground, the reason we have tides, and why we weigh a certain number of pounds.

Hands-on STEM activities, entertaining illustrations, essential questions, text-to-world connections, fascinating sidebars, and links to online resources and videos in this book are as forceful as gravity itself!

Try these hands-on STEM activities!

  • Design a gravity mobile
  • Try some elevator experiments
  • Test centripetal force
  • Design a cantilever
  • Make a water tower
  • Create a counterweight
Available In:
Hardcover, $22.95
Paperback, $17.95
Includes: Table of Contents | Timeline | Glossary | Resources | Index | Metric Conversions Chart
Specs: 8 x 10 size | 4-color interior | 112 pages
Subject: Science
Content Focus: Physical Science
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Gravity in Nature

Which Way Is Down?

Chapter 1
Getting to Know Gravity

Chapter 2
Gravity Basics: Matter and Mass

Chapter 3
Discovering Gravity

Chapter 4
Gravity in Space

Chapter 5
Putting Gravity to Work—And Play!

Metric Conversions
Essential Questions