Make Your Own Soap Boat

Make Your Own Soap Boat

The colonists' trip to America took two or three months by sea on large ships. The ships could be about 100 feet long. These ships had to carry enough supplies for the long journey. Some of those supplies were food and water, clothing, guns and gun powder, tools and candles. The colonists brought the things they would need for their new lives with them. In this activity you can make your own ship and see if it floats or sinks.
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The Statistics of Slaughter

The Statistics of Slaughter

From The Civil War

Paint the Oregon Trail

Paint the Oregon Trail

From The Oregon Trail

In the nineteenth century, many artists used the American West as a canvas for artistic expression—George Catlin, Frederick Remington, and Charles Marion Russell are some of the most well known. Art of the American West presented the artist's perspective of specific events and or locations. Whether the subject was a cowboy, Native American, or a landscape, the paintings often conveyed deep emotion.

Cook a Hoe Cake

Cook a Hoe Cake

From The Underground Railroad

The simple cornmeal pancake has long roots in America. It was George Washington's favorite breakfast. The dish gets its name from a flat pan called a hoe griddle. Enslaved people did not have this type of griddle. Instead, they baked their corn cakes on garden hoes in fires near the fields where they worked. Try your hand at cooking this staple of a slave's diet.

Explore Different Types of Government

Explore Different Types of Government

From The U.S. Constitution

Every form of government has key features and characteristics that define it. For example, in a democracy, the citizens vote on laws and policies, but in a totalitarian country, the ruling party makes all decisions about public and private life. In this activity, you will explore how different forms of government would impact your classroom or family.



Children's Literature Evaluation and Review (CLEAR)
"This would make a wonderful companion book for teachers focusing on this period in history and looking for interesting facts and kid friendly activities like making a log cabin using pretzel rods and icing, yum. Words specific to the period are defined throughout the book and there are ‘cool facts' that are just that, they don't disappoint."

Nashville Parent Book Reviews
"Learn about America's colonists, how they learned to survive, and key figures and events that helped shape the country we know today. Several projects and activities weave through each chapter, making this title more fun your young readers."

Susan Aten, elementary school teacher, The Hillside School, Macungie, Pennsylvania
"Ms. Fisher uses humor and hands-on activities to bring history alive. Before I present a historical unit, I usually have to search out maps, photographs, drawings, vocabulary, and activities to enhance the base material. Ms. Fisher did the work for me in her fascinating children's book on Colonial America."

Chief Robert Red Hawk Ruth, Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania
“Education and understanding our common history is so important. Explore Colonial America! is a great way for children to learn in a fun and easy way. I recommend this book highly.”

Brennan Pursell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, DeSales University
“What a pleasure! This hands-on, fun-filled text makes the history of the thirteen colonies come alive for young people. ”

Sandy Chambers, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Kutztown University
“Will engage children and motivate them to keep reading.”

Detailed Book Description

In Explore Colonial America!, kids ages 6-9 learn about America's earliest days as European settlements, and how the colonists managed to survive, build thriving colonies, and eventually challenge England for independence. How did the colonists build homes, feed and clothe themselves, and get along with the Native Americans who were already here?

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Paperback, $12.95
Includes: Table of Contents | Maps | Glossary | Resources | Index
Specs: 8 x 10 size | black and white interior | 96 pages
Subject: Social Studies
Content Focus: U.S. History


Let’s Explore Colonial America!

Chapter 1
Homes—Yours or Mine?

Chapter 2
Food—Anybody Got a Net?

Chapter 3
Native People

Chapter 4
Clothing and Wigs

Chapter 5
School and Games—Let’s Learn and Play!

Chapter 6
Famous People—What’s Your Name?

Chapter 7
Conflict with England—You’re Not the Boss of Me!