Investigate Weather

Investigate Weather

How is weather different from climate? Weather can be described as day-to-day conditions. From a bright, sunny day to a snowy day, weather can change quickly. Climate, on the other hand, is made up of long-term weather patterns across many years. Let’s explore some of the characteristics of weather.
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Investigate a Creation Myth

Investigate a Creation Myth

From The Universe

Nearly all civilizations had their own creation myths. Sometimes, these creation myths were weirdly similar, even if the cultures had no known contact. Let’s take a look at some and see if there is any truth in the stories.

Edible Climate Zone Map

Edible Climate Zone Map

From Weather and Climate!

The world has many different types of climates. The United States has several different climate zones as well. With this edible map, you can tell your family about summer climates—after you chew!

Archimedes Screw

Archimedes Screw

From The Water Cycle!

Greek scientist Archimedes (288–212 BCE) invented a device to move water from a river to a farmer’s field. This device—called the Archimedes’ screw—is a tube with a large spiral inside. When you place the tube in water and turn it, the spiral pushes the water up. Try it!

Lava Gas!

Lava Gas!

From Rocks and Minerals!

Lava has gas trapped in it. How does it compare to the gas in soda that some people drink?



Praise for a previous edition of this book

“Comparing Earth to a spaceship that relies on fresh water and clean air, this title in the Build It Yourself series focuses on how the planet's systems have become unbalanced, creating a climate change . . . Readers can explore these concepts in more depth through 25 accompanying activities, many of which highlight the scientific method . . . This hands-on approach will get students thinking about their own impact on climate change.”

Detailed Book Description

Updated edition includes the latest scientific research and problem-solving strategies in climate science!

In Climate Change: The Science Behind Melting Glaciers and Warming Oceans with Hands-On Science Activities, readers ages 9 to 12 take a deep dive into the science behind the changing climate in order to best contribute to the methods underway to solve the problem of a rapidly changing planet—and think up new solutions! This book is rich in hands-on science and critical-creative thinking exercises designed to explore the research being done to combat this global problem and encourage kids to find new solutions!

Throughout Climate Change, hands-on STEM activities, essential questions, and links to online primary resources help readers learn the basics of our globale environment and how it’s changing.

Try these hands-on climate science projects!

  • Make an apple battery
  • Build an anemometer
  • Study ocean acidification
  • Test some core samples
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Specs: 8x10 size | 4-color | 128 pages
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Welcome to Spaceship Earth

Chapter 1
Goldilocks and the Three Planets

Chapter 2
Source of Life: the Sun

Chapter 3
The Invisible Power of Greenhouse Gases

Chapter 4
Examine an Ancient Climate

Chapter 5
Earth Has a Fever

Chapter 6
Decide the Future of Planet Earth

Metric Conversions
Essential Questions