Design a Cup

Design a Cup

Become an ancient Aztec or Maya artisan in this activity.
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Make A Roman Coin

Make A Roman Coin

From Ancient Civilizations: Romans!

Coins were introduced to ancient Rome around 270 BCE. Before then, Romans traded goods for other goods. Roman coins were made of gold, silver, or bronze and often had the face of the emperor on one side.

Black-Figure Vase

Black-Figure Vase

From Ancient Civilizations: Greeks!

We know a lot about ancient Greece by studying their vases, which illustrated everyday life. Want to tell future archaeologists about your life? Make your own Greek-style vase.

Collar Necklace

Collar Necklace

From Ancient Civilizations: Egyptians!

A fancy, ancient Egyptian collar necklace is called a wesekh. They were originally amulets used to help protect people in the afterlife.

Uncovering Your Family History

Uncovering Your Family History

From Tools of the Ancient Romans

Like the stories surrounding the beginnings of Rome, most families have stories that have been passed down from generation to generation that may or may not be completely true.



PSLA Teaching and Learning – Literature Review
“A growing set of non fiction books for students in grades 3-6. Seventeen titles are now available with more planned. Each title provides clear background information on the topic with clearly explained key terms and a timeline of developments.  Includes index, glossary, metric conversions, and lists of related YouTube videos for viewing. Each of the 25 projects listed includes a supplies list, step by step instructions, and notes if adult supervision is necessary.
THOUGHTS: Great ideas for science fair or independent or group or group projects for students.”

Praise for Explore Ancient Chinese Myths by Anita Yasuda
DIG Magazine
"Explore Ancient Chinese Myths is a great addition to the Explore Your World series, especially the neat projects—25 of them, including making a bronze bowl, handmade paper, and even a Mulan poster. Don’t miss this one!"

School Library Connection, March 2018
"This resource is packed with a little bit of everything regarding ancient China. The bulk of the book is thorough and descriptive informational text about China’s land, people, traditions, and religions. The importance of storytelling in Chinese culture is woven throughout, and readers will be introduced to numerous Chinese myths, legends, and fables."

Praise for Canals and Dams! by Anita Yasuda
School Library Connection
“This book would make a good addition to any library’s STEM collection and will serve as a great resource for both students and teachers. Glossary. Timeline. Recommended”

Praise for Explore Greek Myths! by Anita Yasuda
DIG Magazine October 2017
Explore Greek Myths! with 25 Great Projects by Anita Yasuda takes readers on a fact-filled journey through ancient Greek religious beliefs. Crafts, such as making a model of the Parthenon, constructing a labyrinth, experimenting with earthquakes, and fashioning a lyre—all accompanied by informative text and sidebars—offer a great introduction to this topic.

Detailed Book Description

Why were there more than 3,000 steps built at Machu Picchu? Why did the Aztecs roam Mexico for nearly 200 years before finding a place to settle? How did the Maya study the movements of the stars and the planets?

Ancient Civilizations: Aztecs, Maya, Incas! With 25 Social Studies Projects for Kids takes kids ages 7 through 10 on a guided tour to experience the history, culture, economics, and daily life of the Aztecs, Maya, and Incas. Discover the Maya city of Tikal with its steep pyramids. Journey down the 26-mile Inca trail to reach the ruins of Machu Pichu. Explore the Aztec temple called Templo Mayor, where people once climbed the steps up the temple to be sacrificed to the Aztec gods. The daily lives from thousands of years ago are brought to life through fun illustrations, fascinating facts, essential questions, and hands-on projects such as constructing model bridges and pyramids, planting floating gardens, and translating hieroglyphics.

Ancient Civilizations: Aztecs, Maya, Incas! is part of a set of four Explore Ancient Civilization books that bring to life the vibrant cultures of the distant past. The other titles in this series are Ancient Civilizations: Egyptians!, Ancient Civilizations: Romans!, Ancient Civilizations: Greeks!.

Try these hands-on social studies projects!

  • Play an Aztec Telpochcalli relay game
  • Plant a floating garden
  • Make an edible map
  • Choreograph a dance story
Available In:
Paperback, $14.95
Hardcover, $19.95
Includes: Table of Contents | Timeline | Maps | Glossary | Resources | Index
Specs: 8x10 size | 4-color | 96 pages
Subject: Social Studies
Content Focus: Ancient Civilizations



Let’s Explore the Americas!
Make a Feathered Journal
Carve a Stela
Make an Edible Map
Play Find Me a Home

Chapter 1
Homes and Great Cities
Make Adobe Bricks
Build an Aztec Home
Machu Picchu Snakes and Ladders
Make an Aztec Canoe

Chapter 2
Food and Markets
Grinding Maize
Design a Cup
Aztec Hot Chocolate

Chapter 3
Clothing and Cloth
Create an Inca Tunic
Make an Aztec Shield
Make a Small Weaving

Chapter 4
Children and Learning
Aztec Telpochcalli Relay Game
Inca Knots
Make a Maya Clay Pot
Tell a Story

Chapter 5
Gods and Temples
Discover Festival Music
Make Mosaic Mask
A Maya Stone Temple
Play Pok Ta Pok: Ancient Maya Ball Game

Chapter 6
Technology and Engineering
Make an Aztec Floating Garden
Make a Codex
Vocabulary game

Metric Conversions
Essential Questions