Peach Blossom Scroll

Peach Blossom Scroll

In the seventeenth century, an artist painted the fable The Peach Blossom Spring on a long piece of silk called a handscroll. Handscrolls are viewed from right to left. Design your own handscroll based on the fable.
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Uncovering Your Family History

Uncovering Your Family History

From Tools of the Ancient Romans

Like the stories surrounding the beginnings of Rome, most families have stories that have been passed down from generation to generation that may or may not be completely true.

Write a Letter in Greek

Write a Letter in Greek

From Tools of the Ancient Greeks

Using the chart, write a letter to a friend. Because the symbols are so different from the letters of the English alphabet, it’s almost like writing in code. In some cases the sound of a word is more important than its English spelling. For instance, you’ll notice that the Greek alphabet doesn’t have an F. So if you want to write the word fantastic, you’ll need to use Φ to begin the word.

Make Your Own Gordian Knot

Make Your Own Gordian Knot

From The Silk Road

One legend says Alexander conquered Asia by solving the puzzle of the Gordian Knot. According to a prophecy, whoever untied this endless knot would rule the continent. Alexander took the direct approach—he cut the knot open with his sword. Today, a “Gordian knot” means an unsolvable problem. No one knows exactly what the Gordian Knot looked like. But you can make a knot called a Turk’s Head appear “endless” by joining the ends after it’s...

Greek Gods Memory Game

Greek Gods Memory Game

From Explore Greek Myths!

Greek gods and goddesses were linked to symbols or objects that reflected their interests and personality. Many had more than one symbol. In this game, you will design one playing card for each god and goddess and one for their corresponding symbols. You can use images of the gods and their symbols within this book for reference or ask an adult to help you find images online.



DIG Magazine
"Explore Ancient Chinese Myths is a great addition to the Explore Your World series, especially the neat projects—25 of them, including making a bronze bowl, handmade paper, and even a Mulan poster. Don’t miss this one!"

School Library Connection
"This resource is packed with a little bit of everything regarding ancient China. The bulk of the book is thorough and descriptive informational text about China’s land, people, traditions, and religions. The importance of storytelling in Chinese culture is woven throughout, and readers will be introduced to numerous Chinese myths, legends, and fables."

Sarah Allen, author of The Shape of the Turtle: Myth, Art, and Cosmos in Early China Professor Emerita of Asian Studies, Dartmouth College
“ This is a wonderful introduction to Chinese culture as well as ancient Chinese myths: fun, accurate, cleverly designed, and highly informative.”

Detailed Book Description

Who is the lady who floated to the moon? Did a monkey really hatch from an egg? Did tears bring down the Great Wall of China? Does the sky rest on the legs of a turtle? In Explore Ancient Chinese Myths! With 25 Great Projects, readers ages 7 to 10 soar on a journey through ancient China to learn about history, geography, science, and art through stories that have been told and retold for thousands of years.

  • Readers will explore the history, geography, and culture of ancient China.
  • Presents a variety of myths, legends, and fables with corresponding activities to engage readers.
  • Promotes global awareness and encourages discussion about the influence of the past on the present.
Available In:
Hardcover, $19.95
Paperback, $14.95
Includes: Table of Contents | Timeline | Glossary | Resources | Index
Specs: 8 x 10 size | 4-color interior | 128 pages
Subject: Social Studies
Content Focus: Ancient Civilizations



Let’s Explore Chinese Myths!

Chapter 1
The Land and People of China

Chapter 2
Teachers and Traditions

Chapter 3
Deities and Daily Life

Chapter 4
Arts, Music, and Festivals

Chapter 5
Inventions and Influence

Essential Questions