Have Fun with Physics!

Why are you able to jump higher from a trampoline than from the ground? What forces are at work when you do an ollie on a skateboard? The answer is: physics!

book standing up with the title "Physics of Fun"

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About the Book

In The Physics of Fun, kids ages 12 to 15 explore the science behind awesome activities that kids love. From Newton’s laws of motion to the behavior of electrons, the science of physics is an integral part of any amusement park, play center, video arcade, or home gaming center.

Links to online media, discussion questions, and career connections offer middle schoolers the chance to do some real, hands-on science around fun activities they already enjoy!

Try these STEM activities!

•  Use a skateboard to demonstrate inertia
•  Investigate the transfer and conservation  of energy on a trampoline
•  Build a guitar to explore sound waves

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