Discover the World’s Biomes in these Nonfiction Picture Books!

Scientifically accurate illustrations, fascinating facts, and a hands-on activity are all part of the opportunity for deeper learning about biomes in these five nonfiction picture books. An introductory poem and glossary encourage language arts connections. Perfect as a real aloud or for beginning readers.

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About the Books

In Destination Desert: Biome Explorers, kid scientists make the trek to four different types of deserts around the world—a hot and dry desert, a semi-arid desert, a coastal desert, and a cold desert. In each place, explorers discover the adaptations plants and animals such as cacti, shrubs, camels, ibex, and lizards have made to survive in these dry places! Plus, find out what humans can do to keep deserts from taking over too much of the land.

In Footsteps in the Forests: Biome Explorers, kids 5 to 8 take a walk on a rain forest canopy walkway, sit quietly to observe temperate forest wildlife, and bundle up to visit a chilly boreal forest. There are more than 3 trillion trees on Planet Earth, so we’ve got lots of exploring to do! Discover leafcutter ants, toucans, squirrels, opossums, ferns, mosses, snowshoe hairs, and much more on our tour of the world’s forests. Plus, learn the role humans play in keeping the forest biome healthy, and why that’s critical to the global environment.

In Grassland Globetrotting: Biome Explorers, adventurous readers ages 5 to 8 journey to temperate grasslands and tropical savannas. Be on the lookout for bison and prairie dogs, wildebeests and giraffes! Kids are also introduced to the hardy plants that survive on the grasslands and learn why fire is an important part of grassland sustainability.

In Tour the Tundra: Biome Explorers, science adventurers ages 5 to 8 visit the Arctic, the Antarctic, and alpine tundra. In these beautiful, remote places, we observe migrating animals, waddle like a penguin, and witness wildflowers in bloom in the mountains above the tree line. Plus, we learn about the impact of human activity on this fragile biome and find innovative ways of helping the plants and animals of the tundra thrive, even with the challenge of climate change!

In Aquatic Adventures: Biome Explorers, kids 5 to 8 embark on a voyage to Earth’s largest biome—water! Our voyage takes us down the mighty Mississippi River to the Mississippi Delta, to the Caribbean, and then out to open ocean. Muck around on the riverbanks, wade into the ocean, and snorkel around a coral reef to discover the huge variety of plants and animals that live in both freshwater and saltwater. But the voyage isn’t over back at the dock—vivid illustrations, fast facts, and a hands-on science activity encourage readers to keep exploring to find out why it’s critical to protect our waterways from climate change and pollution!