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Time for some hands-on science!

child using a homemade viewer to look at eclipse

Where does science happen? Everywhere! You don’t need a lab coat, Bunsen burner, or microscope to study science. All you need are keen powers of observation and curiosity! And that’s where kids excel.

Science education tends to have a class problem. Schools in wealthier neighborhoods can afford expensive equipment. Parents of the children who go to those schools might be able to swing a telescope and science camp. This creates a widening gap between kids who are introduced to science concepts at an early age and those who aren’t introduced at all.

This is important to recognize because even for kids who might not have their sights set on a career in science, simply staying informed about the world requires a basic understanding of scientific concepts. How else are people going to be spurred to act and vote on climate change, health care, and reproductive rights?

The class problem of science education is, of course, best solved through legislation, but as publishers, we can do just a bit to help. The five activities in this ebook aim to engage kids in deep learning that does not require expensive equipment. Most of the supplies can be found in the recycling bin or craft box!

Click the cover to access this free downloadable ebook!

cover of ebook for Accessible Science


The five activities in this ebook are taken from these hands-on science books!

book cover for Kitchen Chemistry

book cover for Fairground Physics

book cover for Climate Change

book cover image for Backyard Biology


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