Meet Andrea Ghez!

drawing of Andrea Ghez

Congratulations to Andrea Ghez, winner of the Nobel Prize in physics!

Andrea is only the fourth woman to be honored with a Nobel Prize in physics. Her work studying black holes has expanded our perception of the universe and our place in it, and now girls around the world are being inspired to follow their passion into whatever field they choose!

You can learn more about Andrea and her life and work in the Nomad Press book for ages 9 to 12, Astronomy: Cool Women in Space by Anita Yasuda. Discover what her childhood was like and how her passion for puzzles and dance eventually led to a career in astronomy! Plus, meet other women working as astronomers and physicists.


Read a sample from Andrea’s chapter.

How does a little girl born in New York City become a world famous physicist who studies black holes?

"Girls in Science" Astronomy "Cool Women in Space" book cover night sky star gazing Anita Yasuda GIS Nomad Press

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