The school year may be slowly winding to a close, but there’s plenty of learning to do! And what better way to keep kids engaged in learning, and thus avoiding the dreaded summer slide, than steering them towards games that challenge them and make them do math without even knowing it! Try these websites to keep your children happy and learning.


Math is Fun
Here you can fin traditional games, such as the digital version of Connect4, alongside clear lessons on geometry, money, measurement, and lots of other stuff! Also includes a Teacher’s Page.

Math Playground
Holy Moly! This vibrant and super functional site offers loads of different games, puzzles, and practice for grades kindergarten all the way up through high school.

Cool Math Games
This site offers games that you might not even realize are teaching you about physics, logic, and a host of other topics.

Hooda Math
A combination of games, puzzles, and timed math quizzes makes learning fun and fast. Choose activities by grade, or subject!

Math Warehouse
This site focuses on the math you might see in the classroom, but the explanations are clear and there are some fun riddles that you need to use smarts to solve.