Kids in Space! How to Explore Space Without Leaving Home

Want to go to space? Not on an astronaut track? This doesn’t mean space is unreachable! Armed with little more than a computer and imagination, there are still ways we can travel among the stars.

The Cat's Paw Nebula from NASA
The Cat’s Paw Nebula, Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Here are some cool space websites for kids (and adults!) who like a little bit of space in their days on Earth.

Want a taste of the wonders of space every day? Set your homepage to NASA’s “Image of the Day” and get treated to a new beautiful picture of space, science, and scientific exploration every day.

Join the NASA Kid’s Club for fun online and offline activities aimed at teaching kids about the science of space and space travel.

If Youtube had an award for “breakout Astronaut vlogger,” it would most certainly go to Commander Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut who invited us all to experience the wonder of space with him aboard the International Space Station back in 2013. His “Astronaut’s Guide to Life in Space” contains 49 short videos he filmed that show everything from how to brush your teeth in zero-g, to what happens if you get sick thousands of miles above the earth.

Most of us will never visit the International Space Station but we can still take in the view! Watch the live feed from the ISS and get a new perspective on planet Earth. You can also check out live feeds from places around the world – say hi to manatees, wait for the northern lights, and hang out in the Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa.

Exoplanets are mysterious to us because they are so far away. But scientists are bringing them closer—not physically, but through careful observations and measurements! Take a look at what we know about exoplanets!

For younger kids, try these short videos all about space from SpaceTV. Plus, you’ll find great videos on other subjects, such as artificial intelligence and space movies!

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