Lena Chandhok

Lena H. Chandhok earned her degree from the Center for Cartoon Studies in 2011. Her work has been featured in Slate Magazine and in various anthologies. Lena currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Website: lenachandhok.wordpress.com

Nomad Press Titles Illustrated by Lena Chandhok


Robotics Engineering with Hands-On Makerspace Activities

Robots are everywhere! They vacuum our houses, work in our factories, help us learn at school, and play with us at home. They sample rocks from other planets, survey disaster zones from the air, and bring back images from the bottom of the ocean. In Bots! Robotics Engineering with Hands-On Makerspace Activities, kids ages 9 to 12 learn about the systems that help robots operate—the bodies that determine how they move, sensors that tell them...


Game Logic

Level Up and Create Your Own Games with Science Activities for Kids

What was the last game you played? Video game, board game, world building game? In Game Logic: Level Up and Create Your Own Games with Science Activities for Kids, middle schoolers take on the world of games by figuring out what makes them challenging, fun, and addictive! Kids love games. Board games are still wildly popular, despite the profusion of video gaming devices that reach audiences as young as toddlerhood. World-building games such as Settlers...



Cool Women Who Design Structures

Architecture is everywhere! What style building do you live in? Is it a skyscraper, a Victorian home, or a modern building? In Architecture: Cool Women Who Design Structures, readers ages 9 to 12 examine the stories of women who are today designing the houses, schools, museums, and public spaces where we spend our time. Educators have observed that interest in science and math tends to dissipate in girls between the ages 7 to 10 and...



Cool Women Who Weather Storms

Does the weather fascinate you? Are you curious about where storms get their strength? Do you ever think about what the long-term effect of weather patterns will be on the earth? Meteorology: Cool Women Who Weather Storms introduces readers ages 9 to 12 to three women working in meteorology who are making an impact and inspiring future generations of meteorologists. Introduces readers to real women who are making strides in the field of meteorology, making...



Cool Women Who Dig

Archaeologists look for clues from the past to learn about people who lived long ago! In Archaeology: Cool Women Who Dig, children ages 9 through 12 study this amazing field and meet three dynamic women who are working in archaeology around the world. Introduces readers to real women who are making strides in the field of archaeology, making career goals feel obtainable. Incorporates history, science, and geography. Educators have observed that interest in science and...



Cool Women Who Work With Animals

Love to work with animals? Become a zoologist! In Zoology: Cool Women Who Work with Animals, readers ages 9 to 12 are inspired by stories of women who have made great strides in a field that requires commitment, courage, and creativity to pursue. Readers will be encouraged to investigate zoology and understand how it relates to animals, natural resources, and environmentalism. This nonfiction title for ages 9 through 12 supplies a bridge between girls' interests...


Marine Biology

Cool Women Who Dive

Planet Earth has more than twice as much water covering its surface than land! In Marine Biology: Cool Women Who Dive, readers ages 9-12 meet three women who are studying the organisms that live in oceans, wetlands, and estuaries, which offer clues to the very beginnings of life. Combines biology and oceanography while integrating STEM and environmentalism. Introduces readers to real women who are making strides in the field of marine biology, making career goals...



Cool Women Who Fly

Being a pilot means having technical expertise, persistence, and lots of courage! In Aviation: Cool Women Who Fly, readers ages 9-12 meet three women who are working in aviation and discover what it takes to fly high in this challenging field. Readers learn the history of aviation, including early engineering successes and missteps, career options, and key people in the field. Girls in Aviation Day hosted by Women in Aviation International is celebrated on September...


Comparative Religion

Investigate the World Through Religious Tradition

Over 7 billion people live on the earth, and 84 percent of them describe themselves as being religious. What does that mean? Few topics incite such passion as religion. Why are humans invested in ideas that may never be proved? Why has religion played such an important role in history? In Comparative Religion: Investigate the World through Religious Tradition, readers seek answers to these questions by comparing and contrasting the cultural, spiritual, and geographical underpinnings...



Cool Women in Space

Head outside and look up. What do you see? At night you might see stars, the moon, the Milky Way, and planets! During the day all these things will still be there, but they'll be hidden by the bright light of the sun. Astronomy is the study of celestial objects and what's beyond the nebulous boundaries of space. In Astronomy: Cool Women in Space, young readers will be inspired by stories of women who have...



Cool Women Who Code

Do you listen to music with an MP3 player or read books on a tablet? Do you play multiplayer video games with people on the other side of the world? Do you have a robot cleaning your kitchen? Maybe not yet, but someday! In Technology: Cool Women Who Code, kids in grades four through six learn about the thrilling effort that goes into researching, inventing, programming, and producing the technology we use today, from iPods...


Civic Unrest

Investigate the Struggle for Social Change

From the American Revolution to the French Revolution, from the Civil Rights era in the United States to Arab Spring in the Middle East, the ongoing battle for freedom and democracy is a profound and fascinating study of the power of human will to change the world. And the story of civic unrest doesn't end with a promise. The revolution doesn't simply stop when protesters go home. Rebuilding, reorganizing, writing a constitution, and establishing new...