Beth Hetland

Beth Hetland is an alumni of The School of the Art Institute and The Center for Cartoon Studies. Beth is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago teaching a variety of comics classes. She is the recipient of the 2015 Part-Time Faculty of the Year award, as well as the 2017 Best in Show Dinky for her collaborative mini-comic "Team Work Makes the Dream Work."



Nomad Press Titles Illustrated by Beth Hetland

Mapping and Navigation

Explore the History and Science of Finding Your Way with 25 Projects

How did we get from 20-foot-long maps to GPS devices small enough to fit in the palm of our hands? How does GPS work and what can it tell us? How do ancient mapmaking techniques used by the Romans and Greeks influence the satellite technologies we use today? The history of mapmaking is full of remarkable characters who charted the unknown with an ever-changing set of tools. In Mapping and Navigation: The History and Science...


Native Americans

Discover the History and Cultures of the First Americans with 15 Projects

Explore how the first Americans, faced with varying climates in a vast land hundreds and thousands of years ago, developed everything we take for granted today: food supplies, shelter, clothing, religion, games, jewelry, transportation, communication, and more. Native Americans: Discover the History and Cultures of the First Americans uses hands-on activities to illuminate how the Native Americans survived and thrived by creating tools, culture, and a society based on their immediate environment. Entertaining illustrations and...


Backyard Biology

Investigate Habitats Outside Your Door with 25 Projects

Biology is the study of life. Life is everywhere, thriving in the city and in the country, teeming in ecosystems around the planet-in deserts, oceans, and even the Arctic. And life is right outside your door! Backyard Biology invites children ages 9 and up to investigate living things-especially in yards, parks, nature areas, and playgrounds. Trivia and fun facts bring animals, plants, and microorganisms to life, in all their wonder. Readers become Nature Detectives with...

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