Here’s How We’re Helping

Dear Friends,

We know this is a hard week as more and more families transition to distance learning or some form of homeschooling. It’s overwhelming – many of us here at Nomad are right there in the trenches with you (albeit a safe six feet away).

But there are a lot of resources available to help get us survive and thrive during this challenge. In addition to the incredible efforts from educators around the world, there are hundreds of authors, artists, and publishers thinking of innovative ways to make this work.

Here are some things Nomad Press is doing to help with newly homeschooling families.

  • For the immediate future, we’ve released our content to be used by educators in ways formally prohibited by copyright measures. For example, teachers and librarians are welcome to read a Nomad story out loud and post the video to YouTube.
  • We are selling books from our website and shipping them without delay, as Amazon prioritizes urgent orders for medical and household needs.
  • We are making all shipping free through the month of April.
  • We have authors who are offering up their expertise and advice to those embarking on a distance learning journey. Here are a few and we’ll update the list when we have more.
  • We will be posting lessons for ages 5 through 15 on different subjects, including biology, engineering, chemistry, history, social studies, cultural studies, physical science, and more. These lessons will include a sample chapter, a project, and a Classroom Guide full of essential questions and links to online resources.

Please consider Nomad Press an ally during this surreal time. We’re all in this together.

Stay well,
The Nomad Press Team

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