Happy National Bird Day!

two parakeets in a cage

Happy National Bird Day from Chicken and George!

Chicken and George are parakeets. They eat seeds and pellets, love to splash in their little bathtub, and squawk when they think someone should be paying them attention. But not too much attention! They are still nervous around people.

Why do birds get their own special day? Because they’re amazing! Check out some of these fabulous bird facts from Laura Perdew’s SPIT NESTS, PUKE POWER, AND OTHER BRILLIANT BIRD ADAPTATIONS!

Did you know?

Female blue-footed boobies look for a mate with the bluest feet. The bluest feet tell her that a male is healthy and STRONG.

flying blue-footed boobie bird


Did you know?

Emperor penguin dads use their feet to keep eggs warm. Their feet protect the eggs from the super c-c-cold Antarctic air.

Did you know?

Toco toucans use their big beaks to cool off, pluck fruit from trees, or to dig out a hole in wood for a nest.

a toucan on a branch



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