Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day!

In more than 192 countries all over the world, people are marking the day by planting trees, cleaning up waterways, recycling, doing activities, and reading books about people who have met the challenge to make a difference in the earth’s well being. Time to join in the fun!


Earth Day is a terrific opportunity to connect students to a larger movement of civic-minded, engaged citizens. Kids are natural environmentalists! Watch them on a playground, in the yard, or in a mud puddle and it’s obvious that getting their hands dirty is the most natural thing in the world to them. It’s our job as educators to connect that natural passion for the earth to healthy¬†environmental habits. Here are five activities to help!

Make a Balance Board

A healthy climate is a balanced climate. The gases in our atmosphere have to stay balanced so that the earth’s temperature stays healthy. Place a round object, such as a full can of juice, on the desk or floor and place a board or book on top of it. Try to balance different objects on each end. Is it hard to find the perfect balance? What does this tell you about balancing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?



Plant a Seed

Kids love to discover sprouts popping up from the soil. Even if you don’t have space outside to plant a garden, you can watch seeds sprout in a plastic bag. Roll several bean seeds or wheat grass seeds in a damp paper towel (brown ones work best) and place the towel in a plastic bag and seal. Make sure the paper towels stay damp and check on the seeds every few days. What do you see?

Combine Earth Day with Poetry Month!

People express their concern for the environment in all sorts of creative ways. Poetry is the perfect opportunity to expand your writing skills while letting the world know how you feel about an important topic: the environment! Even young kids can work together on an acrostic poem. Here’s how you might start:


Air quality







Travel to Distant Planets

In your imagination, that is. Read about Mars, Venus, and Earth and think about the differences between those three planets. Then draw yourself exploring each planet. What kind of equipment would you need? How would your uniform be different? What might you see? ClimateChange_9781619302709ClimateChange_9781619302709

Recycled Art

Invade your recycling bin for art supplies! Using only what has been used before, create amazing art projects to mark this special day.

However you celebrate, have fun!