Dive In and Learn About the Ocean

Underwater ocean scene

Most of us aren’t traveling far this summer, but you can still take a trip to the ocean! With a book!

Why is ocean water salty? What kinds of creatures live in the ocean? How do people sailing on the ocean know which way to go?  

The ocean is still a vast mystery. In fact, scientists have only explored about 5 percent of the world’s ocean! When kids do some hands-on experiments related to the ocean, they are embarking on a field of science that’s very exciting.

In Oceans and Seas! With 25 Science Projects for Kids bAnita Yasuda, kids ages 7 to 10 are astounded by ocean facts, riveted by the history of the relationship between oceans and humans, and engaged with hands-on science projects that are perfect for summertime fun. Get a taste with a sample chapter and the classroom guide – including science activities kids can do at home.

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First, read a sample chapter.

In the Introduction, we discuss what oceans are, where you can find them, and what humans use them for. You’ll find great illustrations and photographs and lots of questions to think about. Plus, two activities!

cover for oceans and seas book from nomad press a surfing turtle and paddle boarding heron

Then, print out the Classroom Guide for more guided learning and another activity.

Oceans and Seas Classroom Guide

You'll find lots of Essential Questions for deeper level thinking!

Remember, learning happens everywhere!

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