Climate Change Happening Now!

What’s the weather like where you are?

Is it colder than usual? Warmer than usual? Are you having snowstorms where you don’t usually?

Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent as our planet’s climate changes. Remember, weather is what you experience on a daily basis, while climate is the overall weather pattern during a longer period of time. When we talk about climate change, we aren’t just talking about an unseasonably freezing winter. But, these extreme weather events we see more of every year—like hurricanes and bad snowstorms—can be a sign that climate change is getting worse.

The planet is out of balance. Since the Industrial Revolution, when factories began to produce goods on a massive scale, more and more carbon has been released into our atmosphere. All this extra carbon has upset the balance of greenhouse gasses there and caused more heat to stay closer to the planet, warming the surface beyond what is healthy for the living creatures who depend on certain conditions for survival.

So then why are brutal snowstorms a sign of climate change? As parts of the earth grow hotter, weather patterns change and grow more extreme. Areas of the world that don’t usually experience frigid temperatures, like Texas, are more likely to see ice storms and snow. Regions known for excellent seasonal ski conditions, like the northeast United States, start to see warmer winters, making it harder for ski resorts to stay in business. A changing climate affects both livelihoods and lives—in 2021, more than 25 Texans died when a winter storm hit the unprepared region.

Climate change is everybody’s business, and saving the planet and ourselves starts at home in the form of understanding the science, advocating for changes in global behavior, and changing our own behaviors. Together, we can reverse a worsening situation!

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In the Introduction of Climate Change, you’ll learn all about the gasses in the atmosphere and what has caused them to be thrown out of balance.

Climate Change

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