Check out Booklist’s Top 10 Series Nonfiction List!

We’re thrilled to see our four-book set on Environmental Science for ages 9 to 12 make Booklist’s Top 10 Series Nonfiction List!

We believe that only by educating young people on the real science about the world’s environmental health can we find effective ways to help curb climate change. Kids want to learn what makes Earth special! As we’ve seen from youth-led activism around the world, children are ready to stand for the health of the planet.

These four books offer a deep dive into the environmental issues facing the planet—and they do this while inspiring hope! Planet Earth is incredibly beautiful, diverse, and special, and each author brings a sense of wonder to the text, which, when paired with gorgeous photography, fun illustrations, inspiring hands-on activities, and links to online resources from NASA, NOAA, and other sites, makes for a learning experience that sticks.

To celebrate Booklist’s Top 10 Series Nonfiction List, we’re offering a free chapter from PLANET EARTH!


Planet Earth: Finding Balance on the Blue Marble with Environmental Science Activities for Kids


And don’t forget, all of our books have classroom guides to help kids squeeze the last drop of learning out of these texts.

cover for classroom guide to planet earth


Remember, Nomad Press books and Classroom Guides are perfect tools for Distance Learning!






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