Celebrate Women’s History Month!

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Why do we need a women’s history month?

The question inevitable comes up every year. Why do we need to choose one month to highlight the impact of women throughout history?

Because many women have been overlooked and we’re still catching up.


Ellen Swallow Richards

Women’s contributions to society, sciences, and historical events have routinely been ignored or, worse, hidden by those people in power. To truly promote all genders as equal, we need to spend some time learning about all the people who have traditionally been overlooked by history books.

That’s why we dedicate a month to women’s history.


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There’s a rich history of women making great strides in all fields, all around the world, and as more and more of these stories are readily available for kids (and adults!), we realize as a society the disservice we do ourselves and future generations if we focus only on the stories we’ve always been told.


Learn stories of women working in science!

Remember, learning happens everywhere! Thanks for learning with Nomad.

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