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It’s Time for Some Rube Goldberg Contraptions!

Marbles, dominoes, and catapults. Maybe a few toy cars, a pulley, and a ramp. If you were Rube Goldberg, you’d throw in a parrot, some crackers, and a pendulum. Perhaps even a rocket. What would you do with all of that? Build a Rube Goldberg contraption full of complicated chain reactions to perform a simple […]


Trivia Time! #15DaysOfMayhem

Join Nomad Press for a Mystery & Mayhem trivia contest and enter to win free books! Here’s how it works. Follow our social media pages (you can find links at the bottom of the page) and watch for trivia posts with #15DaysOfMayhem twice a week from mid-July through the month of August. All trivia answers […]